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Beer Spa

Dear guests. The beer spa are currently out of business. We will inform you about their operation in time.

Combine pleasant with useful. You can now feel the beneficial and healing effects of beer on your own skin in the unique premises of the U Černého medvěda brewery. Treat yourself to a beer bath that will get you into mental and physical well-being. For those who don't like beer very much, we also offer other baths.
We offer original baths not only for adults, but also for your children. We use exclusively natural raw materials, materials and old Czech healing practices. Unlimited consumption of premium lager is ready for you, which you can indulge in both during the spa and during the rest period.
The beer bath takes place in hand-made, thousand-liter vats from Royal Oak.
At the beginning you will find a stay in the infrared sauna, which will warm your body. This is followed by a bath in beer or in a bath of your choice. The beer bath contains a high content of yeast and trace elements and minerals, strengthens your immunity and rejuvenates the skin. We also recommend a wrap in brewer's yeast. No product can nourish your skin like a thirty-minute brewer's yeast wrap.
The beer baths are suitable for everyone. Only people with high blood pressure, varicose veins and heart disease, etc. should consult their doctor about the suitability of the beer bath. Beer baths are not recommended for people after heart surgery and for pregnant women.